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L’Université Providence d’Haïti est maintenant reconnu par l’État Haïtien
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Members of the 12 pillars visits HPU construction site

Imminent members of the organization “12 Pillars” from Rochester, New York, visited Haiti Providence University on Sunday May 22nd, 2011. Tom Pavone, Gregg Hall, along with Keith Snyder and Pastor Jeff from Gerry Free Methodist Church, took a tour of the construction of the first building at HPU. These engineers have been working with the Haitian leaders in designing buildings, coaching and training construction workers in Haiti for many years now. Tom has taken multiple trips to Haiti and was instrumental in putting together the concept for the conference centers that will be built in a near future (See the design of conference center by clicking on visit UPROH out of the home page). These visits are important to HPU leaders for they provide expensive expertise at no cost to us, they exemplify how true partnership should work in a Christlike manner, and provide an oversight that guarantee excellence. This is their ministry and we are greatful to have them not only as partners, but as close friends. Scott Dehollander, a key member of the “12 Pillars” has taken on the task of designing our modern university village. Scott travels frequently to Haiti and has been a blessing to the whole nation. Because of people like these men and women, and other people like you, the vision is now in action!

If you would like to be a part of this initiative please call one of the leaders of Haiti Providence University at 509-3492-4238 or 509-3701-6401 or send them an e-mail using the following address:

Chers lecteurs, communauté universitaire,


Adresse : Balan, Ganthier, Haïti

Tel : 3492-4238 ; 3429-3687 ; 3741-1305

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